5 Lessons Every Superintendent Can Learn from Geese!

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At Lockbird, bird deterrence is our specialty. Next time you are using the Lockbird Handswipe to shoo away geese for your golf course, remember that there are few lessons to be learnt from these long necked birds… to help you deter them. 

Sharing a common goal:

Every fall, geese make their way down south, often flying hours at a time to head to warmer destinations. Flying a V-formation, the flocks have learnt to work together to achieve a common goal. Indeed, by flying in a V-formation, the flock conserves up to 70% of its energy by reducing the wind resistance of each animal.

When it comes to geese control, your whole team must share this goal, including your employees, attendees and even your neighbours! Your efforts may be rendered ineffective if everyone doesn’t put in the efforts necessary to stop these birds from roaming around your grounds. Friendly neighbours who feed the geese contribute to creating a safe-haven for these geese.  By sharing a common goal, deterrence efforts will be rewarded faster. 

Organization is key:

By flying in a V-formation, Geese are also able to easily keep track of every other member of their flock, as to not lose anyone during their voyage. Indeed, flying in this formation assists them with the communication and coordination within the group.

Your efforts to remove geese from your golf course must be coordinated. By properly equipping all the personnel of your staff with the right tools to intervene, such as a portable laser as well as establishing clear communication between all the members of your team, you will greatly increase the effectiveness of your efforts to deter these birds from the greens.

Empowering others to lead:  

When the lead goose in the front of the flock gets tired, it rotates back into the formation letting another goose to take the leadership position.

The only way to significantly reduce the number of Geese on your course, over a long period of time, is to endlessly harass them.  This task can be quite the burden for anyone in charge of it. By sharing this fight with other members of the team, individuals will feel more motivated to try their best. Indeed, the more people feel empowered to lead the fight against the geese, the greater your odds of success will be.

Good work must be recognized:

Even hear geese honk incessantly as they fly over your head?  These birds do this to encourage those in front of them in the V-formation to keep up their speed. It’s a form of encouragement to keep going.

Share the victories, take pictures, share stories about how you scared away the geese. Doing so will create a positive energy amongst your team, motivating them to carry on with this intensive task. It may even become a game amongst your employees as to motivate them to put extra efforts into it. Just like the geese, honk at them, i.e. encourage them! 

Staying committed to core values and purpose:

Geese migration routes never vary. Every year, they use the same ones. Although the members of the flock may change, all geese learn the routes at one point in their lives. Every spring, the geese flock back to the spot where they were born. As a superintendent, your main goal is to have the best turf possible for your patrons. This may only be achieved if geese do not eat it all or do their business too much on it…

Your mission as a superintendent is to provide the best experience for your golfers. A balance between the perfect turf and a feeling that you belong in nature in harmony with wildlife is key! Geese on your turf is not always a negative thing. A few of them on your turf can be a beautiful site. However, they must be managed from the early stage of their arrival as to never become an issue. Let Lockbid make sure of that with the Lockbird Handswipe!