Canada Geese are not all migratory

Most of the wild geese left your park or your golf course. That is a great news... Then, why some geese are still staying in your park or on your golf course?

Non migratory geese

Geese may be migratory, but some stay all year long

Canada Geese as we know them are migratory. Geese nest in the northern States or in Canada and when winter comes, Geese travel toward the South to warmer climate and better food supplies. However, you may have noticed that some geese are staying longer, and that they may actually stay all year long... These geese are not Canada Geese as we remember them. And you may wonder what is happening? Did the geese suddenly stopped migrating? Are we disrupting the environment that much?

A sub-specie of Geese was introduced on our territories

A few years back, game control authorities introduced again new sub-species fo Canada geese in our environment. Their objective was to help populate again the population decimated during the 20th century. However, this new specy of Geese is not migratory and remains in our neighborhoods all year long. Having geese all the time becomes a problem for most golf owners, players and parks managers.

What may you do to handle these residency geese?

Check out our posts about strategies to remove Geese. Also, you need to make geese feel that they are not at home. Wild geese are attracted by the great areas we provide them, green turf to eat, quiet areas, beautiful ponds to rest from natural predators, and zones without any hunting... This is like paradise for geese. Why would they settle anywhere else?

First, let's make some passive actions to prevent geese from feeling comfortable. Let your grass become taller around your ponds. Also, stop hunting their natural predators such as coyotte or foxes.

Then, put in place an active strategy to harrass geese off your field. We recommend you to use two tools at first. A lockbird handswipe laser, that will help you stress them safely all day long whenever you get the chance to cross a flock of geese. Continuously harrassing them with the laser will tire wild geese, and make them feel constantly unsafe. It will trigger a reaction where they will end up leaving your golf course or park for longer. Also, hire dog services to have an effective predator on site from time to time that will enhance the fear of geese.

Finally, you should put all the necessary efforts before the nesting period. From march to June, you should be constantly focused on driving geese away. Afterwards, if they nested in your area, you will only be able to do Geese management, but certainly no removal.

More information to drive wild geese away...

If you wish further help, to set up a full strategy to remove geese from your golf course or park, you can contact Lockbird's team at any time at

Enjoy your time chasing geese away.

Geese during winter

photo credit to Edwin Van Nuil