Here are the best strategies to get rid of geese!

Wild geese on a golf course are a nuisance. Using the following strategies with the right tools will help you protect your golf course from the problems caused by these wild birds.

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Do not let wild geese feel welcomed on your property, start early. 

As soon as wild geese arrive on your greens, it's recommended you start harassing them immediately to remove them. You do not want them to feel at home on your golf course. These actions should start as soon as you spot the first couple of wild geese. Taking action at the very beginning helps you avoid a more painful and costly problem later.

Tools recommended to make them leave right away:

  1. Chase them with your golf cart.
  2. Use Lockbird's Handswipe laser to scare them as much as possible.
  3. If you have a dog, let him run after the wild geese.

These immediate actions should be enough to deter wild geese from setting up on your golf course.

Harassing wild geese, it is the only winning strategy!

The only way to repel wild geese is to incessantly harass them. Never let them rest, never let them feel safe. These birds are more stubborn than you think. They can become a major issue in no time. You need to tackle the goose problem while it is easy to manage.

Tools recommended to harass wild geese:

  1. Use the Lockbird Handswipe as a versatile tool to repel them as soon as you see them.
  2. Hire dog services to chase after the geese a few mornings a week.
  3. Install discreet sound deterrent systems to cover their favorite resting areas.

By making a continuous effort to deter wild geese, you significantly increase your chances of seeing them leave...

Preventing wild geese from nesting on your golf course:

Letting wild geese nest on your golf course is one of the biggest mistake you can make in terms of wildlife management. A couple of geese can easily have five to seven goslings a year. Due to the nature of these birds, each gosling will come back to its birthplace with his/her partner to make new goslings. It the span of only a couple years, a couple wild geese can easily turn into more than 200 roaming your golf course. If the geese manage to lay their eggs, dealing with these birds will only become increasingly difficult as time goes by.

Tools recommended to prevent wild geese from nesting:

  1. Get a permit to legally remove the goose eggs 
  2. Let your neighbors know about your problem! Ask them not to feed the birds. 
  3. Use the Lockbird Handswipe at dawn and the early evening to disrupt their place of sleep.
  4. Keep harassing the wild geese any way possible.

Geese and their Goslings

Dealing with wild geese that nested on your golf course:

If despite all your efforts, a few geese managed to nest on your golf course, you will start noticing that they lose their feathers and won't be able to fly anymore for a while. If this is the case, your new goal should be to make them spend as much time as possible in water in order to prevent their droppings from covering your golf course. Though you may try to scare them as away as much as you want, they will not leave. At best, they will run to the nearest water point. As long as their goslings are on their way or still growing, you will have to wait. These wild geese will only leave once the whole flock is able to fly again. 

Tools recommended to manage geese that nested:

  1. Use Lockbird's Handswipe Laser to keep them off the greens.
  2. Use your golf cart to "direct" them towards water. You can try various approaches to prevent them staying on the grass.
  3. Get a permit to able to relocate the geese.

Making the wild geese leave as soon as possible from my golf course once the nesting period is over:

If the geese have nested the whole summer on your golf course and are now able to fly, you should make them leave as soon as possible. It's time for you to step up your game and increase your geese deterrent strategy. It's time to solve that geese issue you've been enduring for months!

Tools recommended to make geese leave quickly:

  • Hire trained dog services to chase them in the mornings.
  • Use the Lockbird Handswipe to harass them continuously.
  • Put discreet sound deterrent system to make them feel alert and uncomfortable.
  • As soon as the hunting season starts, kill a couple, if permitted, within the limits of local regulations.

Killing a few of these geese will make them fly away, as they will understand the danger of staying there. Although we only recommend this as a last resort, doing so will help regulate the population's growth.


Other strategies to keep wild geese off my golf course?

You may also want to implement passive strategies to prevent geese from landing and staying on your golf course. Although these may not fit with the design guidelines of your golf course, and not be implemented, it is worth keeping them in mind in case you ever need them.

Passive strategies to manage wild geese:

  • Let the grass grow around your ponds, making it less hospitable to geese.
  • Keep the hostile geese predators present on your property. These normally include swans, foxes or coyotes.

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Keeping geese away is mainly a question of timing and the use of the right tools!

A successful geese deterrent strategy involves the right tools at the right time. The best time to scare geese away from a golf course is when they are about to land on your greens and settle there. You have a three months window to drive them off your golf course before they normally become a major issue. Use the harassment methods mentioned above and make sure you diversify the way harass the geese in order to prevent them from getting accustomed to the tools you employ.

Geese are known to quickly adapt to simple geese deterrent techniques. Decoys will not work, chasing them with golf cart will only work for a while, sound systems will be inefficient within a couple months... The pairing of Lockbird's laser technology with other tools, in a coordinated manner, will show the best results. Laser technology is the only tool birds and wild geese did not get accustomed to.

Start equipping yourself with the right tools, and preparing your strategy for this spring, or winter (if you live in the South) because the geese are on their way and you'll definitely prefer them in the wild then onto the greens!

Lockbird can help you acquire all the necessary tools and develop the right strategies for you to successfully deter the geese from your golf course!