The tools you need to get rid of the geese on your golf course!

On golf courses wildlife is an asset, but when it comes to wild geese... Everything changes.

Golfer and wild geese

Repelling Geese from a golf course can be a tough task for the groundskeeper and his team.

There are a wide range of tools at your disposal, and many strategies may be implemented to deter wild geese from your property. But, do not believe for a minute that it is going to be quick, easy and permanent, wild Geese, especially Canadian geese, are clever animals that possess an amazing instinct.

Border Collies: the most common tool to deter Wild Geese!

Many golf courses rely on dogs, generally Border Collie, to repel the geese from their property. Dogs are efficient. They run after the geese and may even jump in the water to make sure they fly away. However, most dogs cannot run all day to harass the wild geese. However, with time, geese tend to get used to the dog that runs after them and after a few months of interacting with the same dog, wild geese may even start playing with the dog instead of being scared! Estimated cost/year: 2000$

Decoys, a cheap idea that becomes a quickly inefficient geese repellent.

Whether they are plastic hawks, swans, coyotes or even crocodiles, wild Canadian geese will be scared of decoys if they are perceived as a threat. However, it normally takes them about two weeks to figure out that they are decoys and not real threats. When the geese understand this, they stop fearing the decoys and resume living on your golf course surrounded by useless decoys. So while the decoys may not cost much, their effectiveness as geese deterrents quickly dissipates with time. Estimated cost/year: 300$

A golf cart, a good tool to drive after Geese if used properly

Some golf courses use their golf carts to chase geese. However, there again, golf course managers must make sure Geese do not get too accustomed. As soon as they understand you won't actually drive over them, they will stop fearing the golf carts and will start showing further resistance. Nonetheless, it remains a geese deterrent tool everybody has on their golf course and can come in handy in one's efforts to diversify the sources of hostility for the Geese on the golf course. Estimated cost/year: 0$

A laser, a versatile tool that wild geese do not get accustomed to!

Unknown to most golf course managers, the use of particular types of handheld lasers can make great wild geese deterrents. It is extremely useful when you need to clean an designated area before the arrival of the golfers, or if you want to diversify your tools to repel wild geese in a more efficient manner. Even if the use of these silent lasers are the most efficient visual bird deterrent, pairing this tool with other geese repellent tools creates the best results. Estimated cost/year: 1500$

Lockbird laser to chase wild geese

Pyrotechnics, imitating guns works for a while, but not forever.

Golf courses far from their neighbors often rely on pyrotechnics to deter the geese from their greens. This tool creates loud bangs which scare wild Geese instantly. Effective at first, this tactic does is not viable in the long run. Whilst may take a few months for the Geese to get used to it, they quickly stop being scared afterward. The only solution, diversifying your tools or using it more extensively. Another issue with pyrotechnics geese repellents is that the ignition of these loud sounds may truly scare the unexpecting golfers playing on your greens. Estimated cost/year: 800$ to 4000$

Birds distress calls, it quickly becomes annoying and inefficient unless used strategically

Some golf courses rely on a sound system that emits distress calls from the species to alert other geese, motivating them to leave. This tool can have a positive impact, as it prevents the Geese from resting quietly. It pressures them to find another area to stay. However, it also has its downsides. For example, for the golfers, it quickly becomes annoying to hear these sounds over and over all the time. Similarly, if the system is used continuously, it will only take a couple of months for the geese to start getting used to this method. If this happens, the whole system will be rendered inefficient for the rest of the season. Estimated cost/year: 2500$

Falconry, a natural predator to Geese.

Falcons are birds of prey. They chase wild geese and make them feel hunted. This is a very efficient way to remove wild geese. The issue with falconry it is a pricey endeavor. A few days for a week will quickly make it the most expensive solution of all. Unless you have deep pockets and are willing to spend a lot on deterring the geese for your greens, you may not be able to protect your golf course every day of the week. Estimated cost/year: 5000$

Which tool will you use to get rid of Geese?